HTOW Curlformers

Hello Blog lovers!! The Hair Tool of the Week are Curl Formers.  These curlers offer a new way to put curls in your hair without causing hear damage. They are at Sally's for $59.00 for the starter kit and ranging from $11-$13 for individual packs. They come in sizes for short hair and long hair. They can be used also on relaxed or natural hair just use a setting lotion of whatever wet styling product you want on your hair to set the curls. You can buy them online at

 They are quick and easy to apply yourself or with the help of a friend, Curlformers are a great fun way to create perfect curls and add volume and texture to your hair without causing heat damage. I've heard lots of great things about these curlformers and it's about time I pick some up and when I do I will do a video as well as review about them!

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