Hair Tool of the Week (HTOW) Magnetic Rollers

The Hair Tool of the Week: The Magnetic Roller are one of my favorite styling tools and I know you're probably wondering how is a roller a hair tool. Well a hair tool doesn't have to necessarily be an electric hair appliance but it can be anything that is used to style the hair or create hair styles.  Well I love the Magnetic rollers (the reason why they are called magnetic rollers is because you're supposed to be able to use them with out any hair clips which is not really the case) they are great for roller sets and body wraps and giving limp hair body and volume along with offering a lasting curl to help eliminate the use of heat styling tools. It's great for giving the sleek look for a blow out (if done correctly). All you need is a really good setting lotion and hair clips and you will get great results. The great thing about these rollers is that they come in different sizes. The smaller the roller the tighter the curl which will determine how long the style itself lasts. These rollers come in handy for not just body wraps and blow outs but they are great for creating other styles as well. Personally to me as a stylist it cuts out the hot curler because after a while the hot curler can be some what straining on the hand and can make your arm tired. These rollers will alleviate this "stress" on the hands and arms.

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