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Hello Blog Lovers!! I'm like six months behind but I just got the chance to watch Good Hair..I know right, so last year, but I have had a very busy life and it's been kind of crazy lately so now that I'm kind of in a settled mode so to speak I starting to catch on up a few things as well as plan like I need too. Anyways...I laughed pretty much throughout the entire movie. It had quite a few funny moments...and I could relate to a lot of the things that were said that I couldn't relate too and somethings were said that I didn't necessarily agree with but overall it was a good movie. Being a black woman I can say that we do go through a lot of things when it comes to our hair and trying to look pretty. We shouldn't fall prey to the stigmas that we are surrounded by when it comes to determining what's "Good Hair" and what's "Bad Hair". I personally don't feel that there is a such thing as "good hair" and "bad hair" to me hair is hair and you treat it according to your texture. In the black community we come in all different shapes, sizes, and skin tones and along with that comes the different hair textures. We should embrace each other and that concept that we are "equal but different" within our community. I think when we fully realize that then small things like who has "good hair" and "bad hair" will not only be trivial but will be a thing of the past.

Now one major thing that I didn't agree with was how some of those stylist were applying those relaxer retouches. BTW there is a difference between a relaxer and a perm and although we use it interchangeably they are two different words that describe two different chemical processes. A perm is a chemical process that takes straight hair and makes it curly whereas a relaxer will take curly hair and make it straight.  Now what am I exactly referring to about those retouches...well when it comes to the relaxer retouches a retouch should be approximately four to eight weeks of new growth. The longer you wait the more hair you will loose due to the dryness of the new growth. When applying the retouch you should never overlap the chemical. What do I mean by overlapping the chemical. You will add damage to the hair if you place the relaxer on anything other than the new growth you want to make sure to get the relaxer only on the new growth only and not on the previous relaxed ends. In doing so you will have hair breakage. I notice where the little girl (pictured above)  was receiving a relaxer retouch on her hair the stylist was combing it too far down the hair shaft (as you can see in the picture) and I'm sitting here like OMG..that is not good. Now I don't like to take away from anyone but because it's a chemical it can be dangerous if misused and if you're going to use it, use it correctly. #imjustsayin.

I've been "doing hair" since I was 14 and through watch my mother along with other stylist because I went to the hair seminars with her and even being in hair school this past year, I've seen the effects of improper relaxing services and I will say it was all due to misuse. I've seen where relaxer had been combed from root to end on every application and the hair was damaged, dry and brittle. Initially before I could do any type of chemical service in my mother's salon I had to be trained and I had to be "fast" because you want to get it on and relaxed so that it won't burn the scalp or be damaging. I noticed where the scientist had the aluminum cans in the sodium hydroxide for over a 15-20 minute time span, and the longer the aluminum can sat in the sodium hydroxide the more it disappeared. I can't take away from sodium hydroxide and I can't add to it but I think that's why I don't scratch my head before I relax it and I always base my scalp with a scalp base to prevent scalp irritation and burns and I've noticed that here lately when it comes to relaxers these days they are placing things in them so they won't be harsh on the hair.  They discussed the kiddie perm which is milder than the "adult perm"; for years I was using the kiddie perm. I just recently stopped using it. That was because of the texture of my hair. Anything stronger would have been too much for my hair. My thoughts on the kiddie relaxer...I think that when it comes to relaxing our children hair if that's the route you're going to take you should not be relaxing at age one and two...that's too much and too me a little bit ridiculous. I think if that's the route you're going to take at least have your babies used to the pressing comb for a few years before you start torturing them with the relaxers. Simply because little babies (one and two) aren't going to know not to scratch their scalp before getting a relaxer so the "scalp burning" is going to be some what traumatizing.  If I decide to do that with my girls (when and if I have any) I'm first going to make sure they can sit still with the straighten comb and then we may relax but that will depend on the texture of the hair. I honestly don't think I want to relax it all. That will have to be a last result for my girls (even though I have relaxed hair and love it). That's another blog for another day in the near future.  

Overall I loved the movie it was good for what it was. I really thought that he was going to be going through a really hard battle about natural hair vs. relaxed hair and he didn't he covered everything. I think he could have had more natural sisters in the mix and it would have really covered all basis but the main focus was relaxers and extensions and we all know that's not all bases with African American Hair. If you haven't seen it you should see it and tell me what you think!

Thanks for reading..I know it was long :) but Tell a Friend and Leave Comments! ~♥ Miss Nic ♥~

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