Design Essentials Adds Two New products to their Home Hair Care Maintenance System

Hello Blog Lovers! I just got the word that Design Essentials (My Favorite Hair Care System) just added two new products to their Home Maintenance System. The Detailed High Gloss Setting Lotion and Sleek Edge Control Gel. I love Design Essentials they offer hair care products for everyone whether they are relaxed, natural, or even transitioning from relaxed to natural. Check out my Previous Post where I talk about this as well as offer links for each hair type:

The Detailed High Gloss Setting Lotion: it's a ready to use setting lotion that provides a medium hold and leaves hair with volume and movement. This moisturizing setting lotion contains panthenol and coconut extracts that leave hair conditioned and soft with a high gloss finish. It's $7.00 on the website. That's a steal if you ask me! I will be purchasing this product! I've use the Master Piece Concentrated Setting Lotion that they have and I love it! So I know this product is going to be great! Check out how you can use this product at home!

After shampooing and conditioning, apply Detail High Gloss Setting Lotion to damp hair. Spray throughout and comb through for even distribution, then proceed to set, wrap or mold as desired for high sheen, full bodied styles.

After shampooing and conditioning, lightly apply Detail High Gloss Setting Lotion to towel blotted hair and comb through for even distribution and then proceed to round brush or blow dry in for style memory and high volume style.

Apply Detail High Gloss setting lotion to clean and conditioned, towel blotted hair, then comb through for even distribution. Use a small tooth comb to smooth hair into desired directions and dry with a hooded dryer. Proceed to comb through and thermal style as desired. 

I know a lot of people are skeptical about using gel on their hair because they think that it will dry the hair and break it off..It's all about knowing how to use the product in the right way. Design Essentials has a new styling gel for you to use at home.

The Sleek Edge Control : is a moisturizing, firm hold smoothing gel that smoothes edges creating sleek styles and taming unruly hair. The intense sheen adds a beautiful finished polish to edges, ponytails and updos while the firm conditioning hold keeps great style in place. It's $7.90 on the website. I will be purchasing this product as well!

Apply a fingertip portion to the edges of natural hair, texturized hair and hair edges in need of a retouch relaxer application and then smooth with a brush or small tooth comb for a sleek finish.

Liberally apply Sleek to edges and along the hair strand as needed to smooth hair and then brush into a ponytail for high sheen sophisticated style.

Apply Sleek to the child's edges and partings for smooth ponytails and braids or to add a polished finish to any style.

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