Christian Sirano for Payless

Hello Bloggers! I was just reading my monthly issue of Essence and I love the fact I always dreamed of having my own magazine one day and who knows maybe I will have the chance one day.  I had the opportunity to meet the Editor of Essence Magazine a few years back at the Pantene Pro-V Total You Tour that comes to Atlanta once a year. I did get the chance to take a pic with her but I didn't really have one on one conversation (Just had to clear that up)..but this isn't about her, this is about Christian Sirano one of my Project Runway faves. I guess I'm the last to know about this but he has a shoe collection with Payless Shoes. I haven't been to Payless in a minute since the manager was so rude to his employees (sorry no time for rudeness and disrespect, so I haven't been back).

I was reading the fashion segment of the magazine (Essence) and I noticed these really funky shoes that the model was wearing and the name and price as always was by the shoe. The name immediately registered to me that it was Christian from Project Runway and where have I been to not know that he had shoes in payless, because I would have been already. I love Christian Sirano he's so fierce in his own right and he's a very talented designer. I loved his design esthetic so much he kinda was my muse for my senior Fashion Design Collection in College. Christian and I are both A.I.U. alumni (we both attended at different times and he was already a graduate by the time he was on the show and I was still attending and he attended a different campus than I did<>but #imjustsayin).

He attended A.I.U London and I attended A.I.U Atlanta. I just wanted to share with you guys just in case you didn't know that he has a shoe collection in Payless and one thing that I have noticed is that a lot of famous designers are teaming up with our everyday shopping stores like Target, Wal-mart, and Payless and creating private lines. It's a smart move to target the stores where middle class citizens shop on a daily basis which will generate revenue for the store and the designer (a great recession proof idea), of course the prices are going to be higher than all the other items in the store but I like chic for cheap. Check out some of the photos from the Christian's Fall 2010 and Spring 2010 Collections. The Payless Collection will follow these pics.

Christian Sirano for Payless

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