Miss Nic's Thoughts on Co-washing

Good Morning Blog Lovers!!! It's Friday and I'm excited because it's the beginning of the weekend. I just wanted to discuss the co-washing topic because it's something that has been discussed on youtube for some time now and eventually I will be making a video (tonight) about my thoughts on Co-washing. As I've stated in one of my youtube videos Miss Nic likes to keep it real and and be honest and you may not like it and that's okay but soon enough we will all love and respect the honesty. I will try not to sound critical but if I do forgive me, because it's all love! 

So what are my thoughts on Co-washing...well sweethearts it's a waste of time. Why is it a waste of time?? Well I'm glad you asked..Co-washing does nothing for your hair but coat your hair and cause more build up to your scalp and hair which will not allow your hair to receive all of the nutrients that it needs. The key to healthy hair before my rant on Conditioning, Conditioning Conditioning...is to have a healthy scalp first. The reason why you need to have healthy scalp first is because for one that is what allows your  hair to grow. It's where your hair starts growing. When you Co-wash your hair you have done nothing but applied more oils to your scalp and hair which will weigh it down and cause the pores to your scalp to become clogged. What you have done initially is what you would have done if you just took moisturizer lotions and rubbed into your hair. It's the same thing but conditioners are heavier and thicker than some moisturizers. 

Have  you ever noticed when you shampoo your hair the first time your shampoo doesn't lather like it should? It's kind of like where are the suds?? This is because the oils on your hair repel the shampoo because just rinsing your hair with warm water (and not hot because that's drying) does not clean your hair or remove the oils from your hair and scalp.  It's when you rinse the shampoo from your hair that it becomes clean (I didn't know that until a few weeks ago preparing for my state board exam). Then when you shampoo the hair again you get a better lather which ensures a better cleaning experience. Since you don't shampoo your hair at all you have not removed any oils from your scalp nor properly cleansed it, conditioners do not have any cleansing effect on your hair, so what you have done is made your hair and scalp even more oily which is bad for your hair.

The softness that some believe had occurred from co-washing is just a "coating" that is left on your hair from the conditioners. The conditioner has not penetrated the hair shaft nor has it penetrated the scalp because all of the previous build up. That is the purpose of  shampooing properly and conditioning the hair. You shampoo the hair first to allow the conditioner to penetrate the hair properly. Co-washing defeats this purpose.

If you are trying to obtain moisture or softness to your hair use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners and deep condition your hair every two weeks. Deep conditioning your hair is better for your hair than Co-washing, because it allows the conditioner to penetrate the scalp. Also try using leave in conditioners! They work!!

Side Note: Wash your hair in warm water and not hot as stated above to not over dry the hair and when you rinse your conditioner out use cool water so that you seal the moisture from the conditioner to your hair. Warm water opens the pores and hair follicles and Cool water closes it shut.

If you have scalp issues are skin disorders already like dandruff, psoriasis, eczema, or even acne this will not help but may also worsen the condition. So the best bet for your hair is to shampoo and condition it and deep condition the hair every two weeks.

Side Note: Teat your hair and scalp like you would treat your face! You clean your face before you moisturize to remove dirt and oils and you try your best to avoid clogged pores to avoid acne so do the same for your hair it all works the same!!

Thanks for reading! Tell a Friend! Leave Comments! ~ ♥ Miss Nic ♥~ Peace and Blessings!!!

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