Miss Nic's How to's: How to achieve the length that you want.

Hello Blog lovers! I would like to thank everyone who submitted their entry for the Design Essentials Fast and Fab Giveaway. I said that I would discuss each question that was on the survey attached to the blog just to give you guys some insight and some answers to any questions that you may have concerning the question that was asked. The number one thing that everyone said that they would change about their hair if they could was the length. I'm just going to cover what I do to with my hair how to stop breakage for your hair which will allow your hair to grow as beautiful and healthy. 

Having problems with breakage?? Well the best thing that you can do for your hair to keep it from breaking is to CONDITION, CONDITION, CONDITION.  As I've stated in previous blogs, It best that you condition your hair with a great conditioner for your hair type. I know that there are combo 2-n-1 shampoos that have conditioners in it but sometimes that's not enough. I usually swap out a "rinse out conditioner" with a deep conditioner alternating each week because I wash my hair every week. So basically what I do is deep condition my hair every two weeks.  Conditioners will help to rebuild any damage to your hair as well as give it life, body, and softness.

Here are somethings that you can do to keep your hair from breaking so you can obtain the length you desire: #1 is Conditioning. I can't stress that enough #2 If you have a relaxer get your retouches on time. Don't stretch your relaxer no more than six weeks that's a month and a half and I know to some that's too soon. I'm not all together sure why some stretch their relaxer longer than that but if it's because you're trying to grow it out...it defeats the purpose. The amount of hair that grows every month due to the normal cycle of hair growth is 1/2 inch. If you stretch your relaxer for 20 weeks you've only grown about two and a half inches. Which may not be so once all of the dried out strands have broken off due to dryness from stretching your relaxer. So in other words..Miss Nic's advice is not to stretch your relaxer. Defeats the purpose for growing it out. #3 Moisturize your hair from roots to ends.  If you don't like your hair to heavy or weighed down try opting for a light weight moisturizer. #4 Brush your hair to help manipulate the blood flow to the scalp. Brushing your hair will stimulate blood flow to help aid in hair growth. #5 TRIM TRIM TRIM TRIM you dead split ends! Some people feel that once their hair starts to grow they don't want the ends to be trimmed. I know a lot of stylist believe in using those scissors and removing a lot of hair instead of just trimming and what I do I mean by trimming, well take at least a quarter of inch to a half and inch off your ends this will ensure that your hair will grow believe it or not. I usually trim my ends after a relaxer. #6 Avoid doing a lot of heat styling! I've discussed this in previous blogs. Opt for doing roller sets and wrapping your hair in between washing your hair. Always use a heat protectant and never pile product up on top of product. It will clog the pores to your scalp and cause other problem which will in turn cause problems for your hair. #7 Avoid the permanent hair color but if you just have to have it CONDITION your hair!!! and avoid a lot of heat styling.

If you follow this I ensure you that your hair will take off and if you just want to get a head start on growing your hair or increase that 1/2 inch to one and half inches try some Doo Gro products and check out Miss Nics' Doo Gro challenge and see how my hair has taken off.  I follow all of the things that I've just shared I've just incorporated some doo gro into my regimen out of curiosity not because my hair was breaking but because it was something to do and believe it or not it WORKS!!!!!

Check out Miss Nic's Winter hair regimen so you can see what I use on my hair and they are all recommended for hair breakage!

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