HTOW (Hair Tool of the Week) Baby Flat irons

Now....I know I'm always talking about flat irons and I'm sure you're probably wondering why am I going to talk about it some more but...This week I'm not going to focus on a specific brand but I will be discussing the baby flat iron that has been making it's way on to the hair scene lately. Here lately if you are in the beauty supply store you may have noticed that they are now selling baby flat irons with the regular sized flat irons. Now I love the baby flat irons because they are compact and easy to carry in your purse or tote bag. If you ever need to retouch your edges or do a few quick "flips or curls" in your hair after walking a block or so to work or lunch the baby flat iron is convenient.  So along with your cell, lip gloss, mirror, keys and wallet or whatever else you may have in your purse you should add the baby flat iron. It's cute and lightweight!

P.S. I'm going to lay off the flat irons for a while after this unless I'm giving a review

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