HPOW (Hair Product of the Week)

Okay...so it's the first day of the week so you already know what that means...Hair Product of the week is here and the Hair tool of the week is sure to follow. This week I want to focus on the Gloss Veil Shine Spray by Mizani. Now as you already know I LOVE Design Essentials Hair products but I've had the chance of using this particular finishing product in beauty school and I liked it! It smells great and it's light unlike most gloss finishes which are usually heavy and will leave the hair weighed down.

The Gloss Veil Spray will build in shine without greasiness or weight. It offers a  silicone and preservative-free shine technology with a  weightless, non-greasy formula, developed especially for curly and multi-textured hair, permits a soft finish with a high-gloss sheen. As it moisturizes, silkens and softens, it controls frizz and helps protect curly hair against environmental aggressors. Used with heat-styling tools, it delivers optimum shine every time.

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