Hair Tool of the Week (HTOW)

Hello Blog lovers!! I decided to do the Hair tool of the Week and the Hair product of the week a little differently. That way you guys won't miss it..It's been in the side bar but I decided to make a post about it so you could know when it changes. I'm going to commit myself to making a post about it on Monday's so you will see it regularly. If for some chance I forget to do it on Monday some one make sure you remind me. I have such a crazy busy life it's a little overwhelming at times. The hair tool for the week is the Blow Dryer Extension Comb. Some dryers that you purchase now come with both the blow dryer comb and the blow dryer diffuser. But I wanted to talk about the comb and suggest that if you don't have one you should get it! Stop using the brush and comb method when blow drying your hair with the blow dryer. It's so time consuming. When you use the blow dryer comb it will allow you to minimize your drying time as well as take out most of the curl in you hair to keep you from having to pass the flat iron through your hair several times afterward. The best trick is to run it though you hair slowly with a slight pressure to achieve straighter hair. Always make sure that you hair has either air dried or that you sat under a hooded dryer to remove most of the moisture from your hair. Spray the hair with a heat protectant/glosser and it will make the hair straighter faster than the old fashion brush and comb method. If for some reason you don't have a blow dryer with a comb extension already you can purchase one from Sally's or you BSS for under 5 dollars! They fit most blow dyer nozzles!

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Hair Product of the Week (HPOW)

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