Hair Product of the Week (HPOW)

Hello Blog Lovers! Last weeks Hair Product of the Week was Design Essentials HCO leave in conditioner and Blow Drying Lotion. This weeks HPOW is yet another one of my favorite Design Essentials Products. The 6-N-1 Reconstructive Conditioner The.6-N-1 Reconstructive Conditioner is a unique high performance formula developed to moisturize and reconstruct chemically processed or damaged hair. Natural oils, proteins and humectants perform synergistically to discontinue hair breakage and fill broken fibers. It can be used with or without heat depending on the condition of the hair. 

I use this on my hair every other week and after I have a fresh relaxer to keep my hair from over drying. I love it! It's great! It smells great and it won't leave a "gummy" feel to your hair. I usually use this as my "deep conditioner" and sit under a hooded dryer for about 15 minutes.

Once again, I am not a Design Essential's rep just a lover and fan of the product. Be sure to check out the website>>> and become a Fan on Facebook just type Design Essentials into the search box! Tell them Miss Nic sent you!!!! 

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