Hair Product of the Week (HPOW)

The Hair Product of the week is the Design Essentials HCO Leav-in conditioner and  Blow Drying lotion

HCO Leave In Conditioner is an intercellular treatment, which acts as a conditioner as well as a blow-drying agent. It quickly penetrates deep within the hair shaft to replenish needed proteins. Thus leaving the hair soft, manageable and full of body. I love it!! I usually spray this on my hair with a little bit of setting lotion..then I allow my hair to air dry a little bit then, I take my blow-dryer and blow drying comb and I blow-dry my hair. It doesn't leave a sticky film on the hair which I love and it also leave the hair feeling soft. I then take some glosser and I flat iron my hair out. I love it! You can find this product and more on the Design Essentials Website it's selling for eight dollars. 

SN: I am not a Dessign Essentials Rep but I love the products!
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