The Glue Free Quick Weave is Finally Here!!!!!

Hello Blog lovers!!! I will doing a invisible part quick weave tutorial for you guys this weekend. I hope that I will be able to record it today and edit it tomorrow so I can make a posting for it tomorrow. I will be revealing all of my secrets. I know I said that I would be doing a quick weave tutorial once I got my video camera and I know some of you have been waiting for that to take place..but I wanted to purchase the Glue Free product for my hair first before I did another one, because the stocking cap was causing an "itching" irritation. It felt like I had a pair of cheap pantie hose on my head (I know you guys remember back in the day when we used to take a pair of out mama's old pantie hose and cut the legs off and tie it in a knot and wear it on our head at night<< I terrible LOL). Anyways I purchased the Gro Protect Solutions which is supposed to do away with stocking caps, plastic caps, paper strips, and anything else we were originally using before this product came along (those methods leave the hair and scalp a free breeding ground for bacteria, depending on how long you keep it on) and if you have seen any youtube videos you have heard or may have heard of the product called the Glue Free Quick Weave, but the actually name is Gro Protect Solutions

This product is used to protect the hair from glue during the quick weave process.  It is applied to the hair after it has been shampooed and conditioned and molded down to the head with either gel or mousse which ever you prefer (the mold has to be completely dry). After the hair has been molded down you apply it to the area that you will attaching the hair wefts too. Then once you do that you allow the product to dry and it forms this barrier between you hair and the hair weft, initially protecting your hair from the glue. The product contains Tea Tree Oil, Aloe, and Chamomile, which is supposed to promote healthy hair growth underneath the quick weave while it's on your hair. I all for hair growth! The quick weave is my "protective style" It keeps me from heat styling my hair to death!

The product is water soluble, you're supposed to just rinse the hair with warm water for two to three minutes and the hair and glue is supposed to slide directly on the hair and leave the hair as it was before you applied the product. Once you remove the hair you're supposed to proceed with shampooing and conditioning.

The good thing about my purchase I paid only $17.00 on and with shipping it came out to be $24.00. On the actual website one bottle alone goes for $24.00 plus shipping and handling. At the Bronner Bro's Hair show they were selling them for $30.00 a bottle other websites are selling them for about that much as well.

 I'm excited about using the product and I can't wait to get home so I can get to work!!! I will not be able to do the Duby Invisible Part quick weave but I will be doing a straight style and styling it from there.  I will be posting a video to my Youtube Channel and pics for you guys to see as well.

My First Invisible Part Quick Weave Tutorial

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