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Hello Blog lovers!!! I just wanted to share with you some information that I received. As a blogger you have the privilege of receiving some first hand information on new products. As you all know I am a Design Essentials product lover!! I am however, not a representative but I love the products! If you read some of my past blog posts I have talked about the products as well as shared with you my own personal experience. I am pleased to share with you guys some information that I've received about their new hair coloring products. This is a post for those who wish to change their color or want to color their hair for the first time. This information was written by Mrs. Tara Coyt check it out I'm working on a giveaway for this product. Be on the Look out for it!!!

            Has the fear of looking like an over-processed blond or having dry, brittle hair prevented you from changing your hair color? If the answer is yes, then Design Essentials Colaura Elevation Series HI-LIFT Permanent Conditioning Color will help you eliminate those fears.

“The Elevation Series doesn’t compromise the integrity of hair and maintains healthy hair while getting colors that clients deserve,” says Nicola Martin, owner of Salon Epiphany by Niki in West Hempstead, New York. Martin prefers the Colaura Elevation Series for clients who want vibrant, unmistakable permanent color or highlights and have relaxed, natural or texturized hair.

Frequently Asked Questions About Elevations  

Is Elevation really different from other coloring products? Not all permanent hair-coloring products are created equal and it’s important to select a product, like Colaura Elevation HI-LIFT Color that complements relaxed, natural or texturized hair. This HI-LIFT Permanent Conditioning Color is a healthy choice because it contains hydrolyzed wheat protein to moisturize, condition, and maintain the health of the hair, and has a low percentage of ammonia, which makes it a safe option to lighten hair one to three shades.

How have women responded to Elevation? Women love Colaura Elevation HI-LIFT Color.  It delivers the vibrant color and highlights women want and the easy preparation means the stylist can prepare and begin to apply the product.

How is Elevation used? Elevation is simple to use.  The formula is uncomplicated, providing a straight forward approach to achieve the desired color.  Professional stylists should mix the Elevation HI LIFT Permanent Conditioning Color with Colaura Elevate 20 Volume or 30 Volume Developer.  The choice of developer is dependent upon the current state of the hair (relaxed/natural), the original hair color and the desired color effect.  For example, Colaura Elevation mixed with Elevate 30 Volume Developer can be applied on someone with natural black hair to lighten their hair to a soft shade of brown.  To heighten the color effect for copper, brown or red hues, the stylist can safely add a demi- or semi- permanent color after shampooing the HI-LIFT color.
Can anyone use it? Like any permanent hair color, Elevation should only be applied to healthy hair by a professionally licensed hair stylist. Permanent colors are not recommended for damaged or overly porous hair. Martin, a Colaura Artistic Educator, suggests applying permanent color to hair that is no more than 70% straight; permanent color can loosen the hair’s curl pattern, and if the hair is bone straight, applying permanent color can cause it to break.
How can I make the color last? Elevation is formulated to produce long-lasting color, but to prevent premature fading Martin recommends using Colaura by Design Essentials Color Care Shampoo with UV protection and Rose Hip Oil to moisturize and condition without stripping hair color. Follow with Colaura by Design Essentials Color Care Conditioner, which provides UV protection, natural anti-oxidants that prevent premature fading, and emollients and moisturizers that leave hair soft, silky and shiny.
Make 2010 the year you eliminate the fear of hair color. Consult your professional hair stylist about using Colaura Elevation Series HI-LIFT Permanent Conditioning Color to elevate your hair color.

Check out my past blog posts on hair Color in my Color Me Bad Series Parts 1-6 for further information on healthy ways to maintain a color, keep a color, correct a color, and choose the right color for you!! 

I always suggest that when you color your hair that you use a professional for assistance!

Thanks for Reading! Tell a Friend and Be on the look out for more! Peace and Blessings ~♥ Miss Nic ♥~

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