Natural Hair vs. Everyone

Hello Blog Lovers. I just wanted to discuss this natural hair vs. everyone issue. I still haven't seen Chris Rocks Good Hair yet and I am going to view the movie as soon as I get the time. It's not enough hours in the day for me. I have so much to do and little time to do it. Anyways, I was on Facebook the other night and a friend told me to view this link to a video that he posted on his page. The name of the video was Natural Hair vs. Everyone. I viewed it, It was a good video for what it was. I didn't really agree with everything that he said because women who wear relaxers have to go through the same thing. I respect his view point and opinion but I personally think that this natural hair vs. relaxed hair argument is yesterday's news. It needs to stop. I think that when it comes to your hair you should style and wear your hair however you choose and we shouldn't pass judgment on those who choose to be different from us. In the video the guy was just basically going on about how those of us that choose to wear natural hair styles are always bashed for doing so and that straightening the hair was a form of slavery punishment. I totally do not agree with that at all. I don't think that chemical relaxers where even thought about during slavery and in no form or shape was is a type of punishment. I think that people perish for a lack of knowledge and its sad really. Just as those who wear naturals are being based those of us who wear relaxers are getting bashed by those who wear naturals and others as well.When it comes to this issue everyone is passing judgment and shouldn't pass judgment at all. I think instead of us bashing each other we need to be uplifting each other and supporting each other on our decisions and stop making trivial issues into major issues. There are more major things that we should be discussing instead of this trivial issues. At the end of the day everyone is going to make their mind up to do what they want to do. As long as you maintain your hair whether it's natural or straight it can and will be healthy. Taking care of hair is like taking care of a car. If you have a car you know that it requires maintenance, you can't drive and drive your car with out maintaining it. It doesn't matter if it's a old school Ford truck or a brand new Maserati it still needs maintenance and no matter which type of car  it is it can be wrecked and totaled out. Hair is the same way, if it's natural or straight it can be damaged. The only difference is that Natural Hair can take more of a "Beating" before it starts to show any visible signs of damage as opposed to Relaxed Hair. Just as one can bleach and color their natural hair so can one with relaxed hair (It's not recommended, but it can be done). Relaxed hair will show more  visible signs of damage faster than natural hair, but it all will require the same type of attention. I'm tired of being "bashed" by others who think I'm just trying to be white because I have a relaxer or that I'm not black enough for wearing a natural. At the end of the day whether your hair is relaxed or natural you're still black and you're always going to be black. Who cares about your hair it's the color of your skin that makes you black. So Just Chill out with all of that noise and lets uplift each other. I just wanted to say that I love all walks of life and all cultures and to Miss Nic...Hair is just what it is...Hair. In this blog site I wanted to talk about all types of hair not just one type of hair giving everyone's hair texture and strand attention on strand and texture at a time. It doesn't matter if it's  naturally straight, naturally curly, naturally thick, or naturally thin it all has the same make up and it all contains three layers. The only difference is the texture of hair. I spoke about all of this in my earlier blog entries. I even discussed the issue of whether or not you should relax your hair and what to do after you relax your hair to maintain your hair. I think the reason why most people have had bad experiences with relaxers  is because you have either over processed your hair, you have what we call a "kitchentician" on your hair who really is oblivious to what they are doing, Your stylist is using the wrong strength of relaxer on your hair or you're using the wrong strength on your hair,  you're either leaving it on too long or applying your relaxer to often or too late, or you're applying the re-touch incorrectly.(To Relax or not To Relax..That is the Question) I've heard where a lot of people grew up believing that "nappy hair" (Which is the incorrect term, natural hair is not nappy it's overly curly) is bad hair and straight hair was "good hair" my mother never taught us that. I've never had to deal with that growing up. My mother who is a Master Cosmetologist never told us that the reason why she relaxed our hair was because she couldn't maintain it or that it was ugly. I was just thankful she didn't have to put that hot comb back to my scalp, because it burned! I've had a relaxer since I was in Elementary school and I had healthy hair now at the age of 23 I have healthy hair and I do things to it to keep it that way like keeping it conditioned and protected from heat styling. I remember being "envied" so to speak because at a young age I had a relaxer and my hair was all the way down my back and it stayed that way until I graduated high school until I chose to hack it all off and keep it shoulder length. I've known women who have hair all the way down their  backs with relaxers and it's due to healthy maintenance and good genes.  At the end of the day  it's all about self-love and knowing who you are and being confident. Who cares what others think or what they believe. We are not our hair we are the soul that lives within. The key to healthy hair whether it's natural or straightened chemically is MAINTENANCE.

                                                                My Hair over the past 4 years.

This my former length of hair. 2006  First year in college It was longer than this, I just don't have a picture to prove it.

 Different Pic Same Day 2006

 I wanted my hair layered and this is the length a few months later


Same Length Different Day

My Hair was cut Shorter and I highlighted it myself. My Mother was P.O.'D Giggles. This was my second year of college. I believe my hair was at my shoulders.

 A year later. You can't tell because of the curls but It actually grew longer.


2010. My hair is below my shoulders.. That tight curl I have in my hair makes it a little hard to tell. Giggles
Check out the video and tell me what you think about??
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