Miss Nic's Spotlight: Introducing Mrs. Stephanie Saddler aka. Ms Buttafingers

Hello Bloggers! I just wanted to welcome the new followers! Thanks for joining me!  I'm so excited that you're here! It came to me that I should start a spotlight section of the blog and feature both Men and Women that are doing big things in the Beauty Industry as well as the Fashion Industry.  I would like to introduce to you Mrs. Stephanie Saddler aka Ms. Buttafingers she and her business partner Ms. Brittany Foster aka Nail Dva they have both made a name for themselves in the beauty industry as nail techs. I was introduced to these ladies via Facebook and I was so intrigued with their work that I had to get a interview with them for the Blog. These ladies are located in Ohio, anyone and Everyone who knows a thing or two about the major places across the country that shine in the Beauty Industry you should know that Ohio is one of those places.  They have their own way of setting hair trends. Both of these ladies specialize in Minx nails and are very talented at it. Here are a few Q and A's that I asked and if you would like to ask these ladies more questions contact information will be at the end of the blog post.

 MNEE: How long have you worked as a nail tech?

 Stephanie: I have been licensed as a nail tech since 2001 but have been practicing and working since 2007. I also have my managers and instructor license.

MNEE: At what point in your life did you know that you wanted to work as a Nail Tech in the Beauty Industry?

Stephanie: I have always loved the beauty industry. Friends used to say I was so cheap because I used to always look at thing and be like I can do that and would go home and try it out. I tried hair but nails is what I was good at. My goal was to be a accountant I got the degree and kept getting accounting job but the companies I would work for always seemed to close or go out of business so I always had nails to fall back on so this last time I said I always keep ending up back at nails maybe this is my destiny I prayed about it and have been going strong since then.

 MNEE: What is your niche, what sets you apart from all the other nail techs in the industry?

Stephanie: I like to think outside the box on my approach, technique, art nail design, etc. I educate myself on all the latest nail trends and styles while adding my flare to it. My nail art does not look like others, I have noticed that locally everyone's art looks the same. Everyone can point out my work from others easy because I have my own technique.

MNEE: Do you have a business location? Where is it located?

Stephanie: Yes my salon is called Butta Fingers Nail Studio located inside phade away barber shop @ 677 east 185 th 2uclid, oh 44119

MNEE: Tell us a little bit about your business and how you got started?

 Stephanie: My business is in part with my husband who is a barber. We own and operate two businesses inside one location he operates phade away barbershop and I operate butta fingers nail studio. We decided we needed our own because the money we both were paying others for booth rent is more than what we are paying now. Also our clientele and where we were taking our business level to exceeded the shops we were at, it was blocking us from doing what we do to our full potential so it was time to take that step out on faith and it has not failed us yet. We are more successful day by day.

MNEE: What would you say to encourage those who wish to pursue a career in the Beauty Industry and/or work as a Nail Tech?

Stephanie: I just feel in order to experience the full benefit of being successful you have to study your craft as well as love what you do. Many get into this profession because they think it is easy money. I encourage anyone interested in the beauty profession to pursue it but don’t think after you are licensed that is all. The key is to keep yourself educated. Do not be too good to learn from someone else. Even the best have learned and are still learning.

MNEE: Do you travel to other cities to host different events or parties?

Stephanie: We have recently discussed that idea and we are open and ready to travel for events and parties. We do host local events such as “Minx, Matte & Moscato” at Gibbs lounge. This event is basically a intro for minx to clients. For $20 they get a waterless manicure, 1 minx nail per hand or matte finish and a glass of wine. We do this event every 2nd & 4th Wednesday and it has been a huge success. We are also hosting “Fat Tuesday” Mardi Gras at Gibbs also February 16th . We also conduct Minx and Nail Classes for fellow nail techs and people in beauty industry.

MNEE: Tell us a little bit about the products that you use on your clients to keep their nail healthy and beautiful?

Stephanie: I use top of line products such as OPI, Essie, NSI & Ibd. I just feel if you go the cheap route it make more work for you in the long run so if you start off right you finish right. Me and my business partner recently launched our own products line which I use faithfully in my salon. For more info log onto www.thenailology.com

MNEE: How long have the both of you worked together as business partners?

 Stephanie: We have been working together for about 6 months and I have known her about a year. It’s funny we meet in a real estate class we was taking and the rest is history. We are now business partners and very good friends. I thank God for her she is the best. 

Contact Information for Stephanie.
Stephanie Saddler "Ms Buttafingers"
Butta Fingers Nail Studio
677 East 185th Street
Euclid, , Ohio 44119
Product Line Website: www.thenailology,com
Email: msbuttafingers@yahoo.com

 Stephanie and Her Business Partner Ms. Brittany Foster aka Nail Dva

 Nailology (A New Nail Product line) check it out! www.thenailology.com

Photos of Stephanie's Work



Upcoming Events Hosted By Mrs. Stephanie and Ms. Brittany



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