Miss Nic's Mini Haul Bronner Bro's Hair Show

Hello Blog Lovers! I just wanted to share with you guys my mini haul that I purchased on yesterday at the Bronner Brother's Hair Show in Atlanta. I made a video about it on my Youtube Channel Check it out! I purchased all of these products for $20.00 and I'm excited about being able to use them. They are Kiss New York Products. This is my first time using these products and I'm hoping that I will have a great experience while using them. I just wanted to give a little bit more detail about each product.


Available in Gold Eye Dress and Black Eye Dress

What it is: A four-color mineral eye shadow quad with a shadow precision applicator and a liner pencil. What it does: Enhances the eyes with deep, rich, soft, finely textured shadow tones with all of the healing benefits of its enriched mineral formula.  
What else you should know: With colors extremely complimentary to darker skin tones, these dynamic mineral color quads come with a handy how-to guide right on the label for step-by-step eye perfection every time. Use the liner to create maximum definition around the eye line as a perfect compliment of the vivid shadow shades.



What it is: A smudge-proof, easy to control liquid liner that creates the perfect intense line every time. 
What it does: This exclusive smudge proof, quick dry, hypoallergenic formula allows you to create an intense long-lasting line with ease
. What else you should know: This easy hold construction coupled with the exclusive tip design work great together to glide on fine or bold lines without a fuss with even with the shakiest of hands.

What it is: An aloe-enriched clear sealing and shinning gel for the lash and brow 
What it does: Grooms the lash and brow hair with professional results by gently coating and sealing the hairs to tame curly and/or unruly strands creating a crisp, manicured appearance for up to 24 hours
 What else you should know: All natural ingredients are used to protect and protect the beauty of your natural brow lash hairs without flaking or smudging.
I have three shades in La Dolce Vita, I'm A Celebrity, Million Dollar Kiss

What it is: A maximum shine brilliant, irresistibly flattering lip color.  
What it does: Combines the creamy color intensity of a lipstick and the moisturizing shine of a lip-gloss all in one.  
What else you should know: Filled with a host of natural botanicals, this dynamic lip splendor hydrates, softens and shines with ease creating the perfect delicious pout in a flash every time.


I have three shades: Nude Beige, Coral, and Tea Rose
What it is: An advanced formula lipstick enriched with jojoba oil for continuous moisture and protection. What it does: Offers long lasting lip color with an irresistible cream finish for fuller, softer, more seductive lips.
What else you should know: This velvety-smooth formula glides on with the ease while the jojoba oil promotes the ultimate softness and helps deliver a long lasting gorgeous finish with an exceptionally smooth and moisturized texture.

What it is: A defining mascara that separates, lengthens and "volumemizes" your natural lashes for maximum impact.  
What it does: This unique wand construction and innovative ‘anti-clump” smudge proof formula defines as it thickens and lengthens then seals expertly to your natural lashes for a high-impact, 24 hour wear. 
What else you should know: This hypoallergenic, elongating formula lifts you eyes for creating the appearance of larger, longer, whiter, wider eyes that won’t clump or flake. It’s the ultimate eye-shaping tool with no fuss and no mess.

What it is: A therapeutic treatment mascara with a breakthrough technology that widens and brightens the eyes with a dynamic curl. 
What it does: It takes your lashes to the next level by creating a commanding curl while providing a spa like protein treatment to promote healthier, longer stronger lashes. 
What else you should know: This mascara creates the perfect curl to your lash without compromising the health of your lashes. This hypoallergenic, non-flaking mascara is safe for contact wearers and the perfect lash nourishing treatment for those who want wide, bright, dreamy eyes in a flash.
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