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Okay... Sorry Ladies..I'm just getting your email and I really appreciate the questions.  I had to create a different email address because the one I had was full of google info, I almost missed the email. These Questions are about the Invisible Front quick weave (Quickweaves 101: The Duby and the Invisible Part) and they are very good questions. I am currently working on starting a line of videos for tutorials on youtube. I'm going to make it my business to purchase a camera this weekend!



Question #1

I love your pictures and you said "email with questions" so here I am!
I really love all the pictures, but I really like the first picture
(looks so natural) and the wrap style. #1 and # 7. Is there a way to
achieve either of these looks with a little of my hair left out in the
front? The only way I've been able to see the invisible part is by way
of wearing a wig cap and then cutting it to expose your real part. How
can i get the stocking not to rip completely if this option is chosen?
If hair is left out the wig cap comes back further on your head and
glue does get on your real hair, is there a way to prevent any glue
from getting on your hair at all? Lastly can you puncture a small hole
at the crown of the head for your real hair to come through the cap
for the closure?

Please advise,




Okay, Thanks again Erica for the question. It was really good. I honestly have never thought about doing it that way. The initial purpose of the invisible part quick weave is to not leave any of your hair out just exposing your natural part. However, I would like to think that if you wanted to leave some of your hair out you could do that by parting off that hair you want to leave out and clipping it to the front of your head, laying (molding) everything else down to your head, or braiding everything else down to your head. Place the stocking cap over your head and proceed with the steps to lay the tracks in place. When you get close enough to comb you hair over those tracks, you should be able to cut the stocking cap away and it will expose the hair that  you have left out. Blend and there you go. I've never tried it that way but that is an idea that you can try.  I've never had the stocking cap to rip completely, I lay my tracks all the way around my head until I reach the part, It's usually about an inch left on both sides of the part. I only cut the stocking cap from the front of the head all the way to the closing piece. The tracks should keep the stocking cap from ripping completely.
There is a product on the market called the "Glue Free Quick Weave" and it omits the stocking cap and the hair glue. You can google it to get more information. I have yet to purchase it and it's in my plans to do so. Since I do not have that product I use two stocking caps for my quick weaves. I mold my hair down or braid it down which ever I fell like doing (Note my hair is clean and conditioned and has moisturizer on it to keep it from drying out), then I place the first initial stocking cap on my hair and I spritz it down with hair spritz I then take my dryer and dry it. I then take another stocking cap and I do the same thing. I have found that this is great for easy removal  and keeps the glue off of my hair. The only glue that gets on my hair is from the pieces that I have glued on to my hair to make the part. I put spritz on my hair that is exposed once I cut the stocking cap. When I get ready to remove it I use bond remover oil or conditioner and it slides right on off the hair. I haven't loss any of my hair. The rest of the hair that is attached to the stocking cap comes up as well (You just can't rip it off but it gives easily). If you are trying to leave your hair out for the closure for a full quick weave and not the invisible part, place all of the tracks on your head until you get to the crown and cut away the stocking cap and the hair that you left out for the closure you can use that to cover any tracks that are exposed. I hope that helps. I'm going to work on getting a video for you.

Question #2
 On your invisible bang when you get to closing the top part up will that hair cover the part up where you cut the cap at?

Arleatha Lawrence

Okay. Thanks again Arleatha for the question. When I reach the top part of my head to expose the part after the stocking cap has been cut away, I measure the hair and cut it into 1" pieces. It's usually about 1" left on either side of the hair. I then angle the hair and place it into position. I place each piece after the other close enough to not show the track until I reach the crown and I then close it off. The cap is never exposed.

Check out this video..I used it as a reference for my quickweaves. She did an excellent job! Thanks again for the questions and I hope you come back for future posts!!

Thanks again for reading and the questions. If you have any further questions email me at: Elegant.Edge@gmail.com

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