Nail Trends 2010

If you're like me a lover of fashion and beauty you love to get your nails primped and primed to look good. It's nothing worse than having unrepresentable hands. You don't necessarily have to have the tips or acrylics but there are few things to keep in mind this season for nail trends. I was reading my Black Hair Magazine foe the month of February and I noticed the article, along with several pictures from other magazines that had pictures of celebs sporting these nail trends.

Nail Arts will be big for this year. Try Adding rhinestones or Jewels to your manicure to give your nails that extra jazz. I was looking an issue of Jet Magazine and Alicia Keys was on the cover looking fabulous and I noticed her nails. They were very edgy and funky. A couple of years back I remember seeing Michelle from Destiny's Child with full fledged rhinestone nails and they were hawte and funky.

We all know that the French Manicure is a classic and it will always be a classic. Wearing your French Manicure Modernly is what's in for 2010. Instead of going for the pink and white traditional look try customizing the look with different colors and try different nail polish techniques.

I know last year a lot of people were sporting the dark hues of purple and gray, myself included and the funny thing is they are still in for this year, try going for shades that are dark along the colors of reds and browns that will add a sophisticated look. Shades that appear to be black on the surface but are not actually black are hawte!

Miss Nic's Winter Hair Regimen

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