Hair Extensions: Excellent Quality Human Hair for Budgets (My TOP 5)

Happy New Year!! This is my first blog for the New Year of 2010 and I must say that I am very excited about this year. I've been contemplating and trying to come up with topics to discuss and cover for this year as well as a new look for the blog itself. I was visiting a friend last night and we started talking about hair extensions and what kind to buy and which one's were good quality. Last Summer June 2009 I discussed Outre Hair Extensions. It was my second time purchasing their brand of hair and I loved it! I think the main thing that you want to consider when purchasing hair extensions would be (1) The Style (2) How long you wish to keep the style (3) The application (how you plan on adding the hair to your or bonded) (4) Your Budget and how much you would like to spend.

When I go shopping for hair extensions, if I decide to try something new I always pull the hair out the bag (in some places they don't want you to do that but I do anyways because it's my head, my money, and it's all good) just a little so I can feel the texture and how it feels when I run my fingers through the hair. I even go as far as to smell the hair...I do this because if it smells like Barbie doll hair it's not even going to work, despite the fact it says that it's human. "Barbie Hair" will tangle and matte up even if the packaging says that it won't and after you wash it, it's a wrap. The last thing that you would want is to end up with hair that is hard and feels totally different from your hair texture. I would highly recommend that you do this...even if you have to do it front of the store clerk before you buy it. If you don't shop alone have your shopping buddy to place the hair up against your hair to see how it will blend. Keep in mind that you want to purchase hair that is closest to your hair texture and color. The lighting in the store is different from the lighting outside. Another thing that you may want to consider is that when you go to purchase the hair...purchase one for length and one just for finishing...This will save you money. Say for instance you want to have 14" hair on the bottom for length you can purchase a 12" or even a 10" hair to finish it off. There will be a major difference in price.

I have tried several different types of hair extensions and I really couldn't remember them all to make a TOP 10 list but when I go back to the hair store I will write down the brands that I have tried in the past. However, I was able to make a TOP 5 list and I also have a add on (which will make it 6 but you get my drift).

  1.   Outre:
    • They have all kinds of hair ranging from Human Yaki Hair, Human Premium Hair (Finer texture than Yaki hair), Indian Hair (Velvet Remi).
    • They offer various lengths ranging from 8" to 18" 
    • They come in various styles from straight to different curly textures
    • They also have various colors to match you natural Hair Color as well as Neon Colors that are great for those who love to live on the edge and for even creating EMO hair styles
    • I have tried the Outre Duby wrap and the Human Premium Hair ("Quick Weaves 101" and "It's Out if it's not Outre"). ♥'z it!!!
    • It's easy to maintain, it doesn't shed, and it doesn't tangle
    • This hair is little more expensive that the one's that I will discuss. I believe I paid $80.00 for two packs of 14" hair. The Duby wrap is probably the cheapest.
    • They have a new line called the Supernatural Premium Human Hair that mimic's Michelle Obama's Hair Style ♥♥♥♥ I will be trying this next! It comes with a starting piece and a finishing piece.

        Check out the Tutorial Below at the Bottom of the Page :Outre First Lady Tutorial

  2. Milky Way
    • Milky Way has over the years expanded the types of hair that they offer. They carry the Yaki Human Hair all the way to the Remy Hair (SAGA Remy Hair). You name it they Got it!
    • I would also say that they are neck in neck with Outre on my list because they offer the same types of hair styles (straight, beveled, curly and even course yaki types)
    • They have a version of the Duby Wrap called the Milky Way Ole'  (Quick Weaves 101)
    • They are cheaper in price as well. I have paid as little as $9.99 on a pack of hair depending on the location.
    • They have various colors including the Neon Colors as well.
    • It's easy to maintain,it doesn't shed, and it doesn't tangle.
  3. Sensationnel-Premium Now Human Hair
    • They offer various lengths 8" to 18" 
    • Various styles straight and curly textures including Remi Hair (Goddess Remi)
    • Various Colors
    • They have a version of the Duby Wrap style as well called the Bump (Quick Weaves 101)
    • Easy to maintain, doesn't shed, or tangle.
    • Price Range in the hair store varies depending on the length and color. I would say that it's cheaper than Outre but a more than Milky way.
  4. Enstyle
    • I have used this type of Hair on maybe one or two different occasions and I like it. When it comes to this hair to me you have to pick the right texture they have different types of human hair textures. I love the Micro Perm Yaki over the European Yaki it just seems coarser in texture and I don't really like to blend it in with my hair if I'm going to use bonding glue
    • This hair is a little cheaper than the Sensationnel Human Hair
    • Various Styles and lengths 8" to 18"
    • Easy to maintain, doesn't shed, and it doesn't tangle
  5. Urban Beauty
    • I've used this hair by default simply because I was going through my mother's hair collection at her salon and I just used a small piece for my bangs.
    • Soft in texture and it blends very good
    • It's easy to maintain ,doesn't shed or tangle
  6. Satin Yaki
    • This hair is convenient and affordable. 
    • It is not 100% human hair but it is an human hair blend
    • It comes in lengths from 8" to 14" 
    • You can curly and style it as you would any other type of human hair and it keeps the style just as long
    • I wouldn't recommend this type of hair for a sew in.
    • Great for wefted styles and quick weaves.
 I just wanted to let you guys know that you find all of this and more at: and even

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