Oh My Thinning Hair

Hello my blog lovers. I wanted to touch on the subject of thinning hair. It's an issue for most of us and it's a concern for us all. Sometimes it's a medical condition, hereditary issues, or over doing your daily hair regimen. Sometimes you will notice that one side of your hair is thinner on one side than the other and as I've stated before in a previous blog the side that's appears to be the thinnest is usually the side that you sleep on. There are other factors that cause thinning hair and there are ways that you can stop it dead in it's tracks before it gets way out of hand.

Over-Processed Chemical Treatments. For those of us that are addicted to the Creamy Crack (The Relaxer). It's crucial that you don't over process the hair. Leaving the relaxer for long periods of time will thin the hair out. Some relaxers don't take long to process. If you are quick applying your relaxer (I usually apply and comb through within 10 to 15 minutes) application and comb through at least one time (I comb through for good measure) the hair is more than likely going to be straight enough and won't need to be left on any longer. Make sure you follow all directions for your relaxer and make sure that you use the correct strength for your relaxer. I discussed this in the blog,  To Relax or Not to Relax that is the Question. If your hair is already damaged and breaking you should not apply a relaxer.

Styling your hair too tight. Too much pulling on the hair causes tension (hair loss) which is not good for the hair. When it comes to styles such as braids and weaves we tend to think the tighter the better but the tighter it is the more tension you will have as an end result. If you're going to wear braided hair styles alternate and switch up styles in between to give your hair a break.

Incorrectly timing your color treatments. You have to treat any form of chemical processing the same. Just as relaxers you have an appropriate time for application and re-application. If you are applying color or re-applying color to the roots of the hair only. You want to make sure that you apply the color two weeks after a relaxer application or do it two weeks before a relaxer application. It's also important that when you are retouching hair color that you just retouch the roots only unless you had improper color application the first time around. Even with that you need to be careful

Abusing your styling tools. When it comes to your styling tools you want to make sure that you are using the proper tools and that you are using them correctly. When it comes to heat styling your hair, first and foremost always use a heat protectant, make sure that you use the correct heat setting for your texture of hair as well as the condition of the hair. Do not use a high heat setting on thin hair or brittle hair. U should try to roller set your hair to alleviate the amount of heat styling that you do on a daily basis. The same thing applies to brushing your hair. Make sure that you use a paddle brush with rubber tips so you won't damage the cuticle of your hair while brushing. If you just have to have a bristle brush for your edges find a soft bristle brush. Make sure that you use the right styling product on your hair as well. Use the right product for your hair type. Avoid products that contain alcohol because this will cause the hair to dry out.

Your Lifestyle. You are what you eat! What goes in will come out! When it comes to your hair you want to make sure that you eat a well balanced diet and stay freshly hydrated. Maintain a stress free life because stress will cause a lot of health issues as well as your hair to fall out. Medications will also affect you hair in a negative way. Try hair vitamins and healthy regimens to keep you hair up. If you take care of yourself your hair will take care of itself with the proper attention from you and your stylist.

Do's and Don'ts for thinning hair
  • When styling your hair choose a style that will try to disguise your thinning hair. Avoid hair styles that will agitate the thinning area
  • Choose volumizing shampoos and conditioners to add a boost to thinning hair and choose product that contain panthenol
  • Do not choose wigs and weaves as a permanent solution for hair styling. If you decide to wear them on a temporary basis take care of the hair that is underneath.
  •  Do not put tension on the hair with ponytails and braids. This will cause stress and breakage to the hair.

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