Must Have Styling Tools

When it comes to styling hair or styling your own hair you must make sure the you have the necessary tools ready and available and trust me you can't go wrong with these tools.

Rat tail Comb

  • You can use a rat tail comb to tease the hair. Starting by creating a base and at the roots of the hair in  quick succinct movements draw the comb upward which will create volume and lift.
  • A rat tail comb is good creating sleek parts and sectioning the hair. If you use the tip of the comb you will never have to worry about crooked parts.

Hair Pins

  • Hair pins will allow you to create quick and easy sassy up-dos. Simply curl you hair and go from there by taking small sections and creating a new look that fits you.
  • When it comes to choosing a hair pin, choose the ones that are coated, this will prevent hair breakage, and it's a lot more comforting to the scalp.

Pencil-width curling iron

  • Small curling irons are great for short hair.
  • If you want tight spiral curls choose a small curling iron, this will create a bouncy tight curl as well body.

Hair Pick

  • This is the tool of choice for those who rock the afro. Use the comb from the root to the tip to create volume all over. 
  • You can also use a pick to created full bodied curls.

>>>>>Hot Rollers <<<< 
Tool of the Week

  • Hot rollers will create soft bouncy curls that won't go lymp. Be sure to top the hair off with a lightweight hairspray after removing the rollers
  • Wrap the rollers from the tip to the crown to create an even curl pattern all over. If you just want body on the ends curl on the bottom sections and then pin the roller into place.

Large Flat Iron

  • Great for long hair to smooth the maximum amount of hair.
  • You can use this flat iron to sculpt soft waves.
  • Spritz the hair with a heat protectant spray to help prevent heat damage.

Small Flat Iron

  • Choose this size if your hair is on the shorter side. The smaller the iron the closer to the roots you can get.
  • You can use this small flat Iron to create flips in the hair.

Wide-Tooth Comb

  • Great for detangleing the hair when the hair is wet. Since the teeth of the comb are wider they are less likely to snag the hair and break it. To detangle the hair simply section the hair starting at the back of the head and in small sections start that the ends working upward towards the roots.
  • This comb can actually break up individual curls and imbues uniform volume throughout.

Blow Dryer with a Diffuser

  • Don't forge the heat protectant. This forms a barrier so you hair is protected from the heat
  • Using a diffuser on the hair will allow to have well-developed ringlets. Simply start at the roots and direct the air in a circular motion
  • For extreme volume try drying you hair upside down, the the roots fall away from the scalp.

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