Fabulous Eyebrows: How to fill in your eyebrows

When it comes to doing my makeup I have to fill in my eyebrows. I have eyebrows but I like to darken them in a little to make sure that they are perfect, simply because they are usually faded out behind my foundation. When it comes to filling in your eyebrows and having those run way ready eyebrows it's all about control and precision of your tool which is your eyebrow pencil. Filling in your eyebrows will not only make them stand out but will also correct any type of mistake you have if you messed up while arching your eyebrows.

You don't have to stick to the pencil, you can also use a brow powder or even a shadow. When it comes to choosing the color, you want to go with a color that's going to look natural and nothing too harsh like for instance that horrid black pencil...That is too much.... the last thing you want is to be remembered as the girl with the horrible dark drawn on eyebrows. Find a color that accentuates your skin complexion and your hair color.

I use a dark chocolate brown pencil that is not too light and not too dark. Here are some things that I do to make sure that my eyebrows are on point.

Things that you need:
Brow Pencil or Powder
Eyebrow brush
Q-tip (For small corrections, helping to make clean lines if you mess up or make it too thick)
White Eye Pencil (Optional)
Highlighting shadow

  1. I make sure that brow pencil is sharp. A dull pencil will not give you the definition that you need.
  2. I start underneath my eyebrow and draw the defining line, following my natural arch from the beginning to the end.
  3. I then draw the defining line at the top of my eyebrow, again following my natural arch. Making sure that I blend the end of the top into the bottom line making a perfect point. 
  4. Using short strokes I fill in the lines with the pencil trying to make it look as natural as possible.
  5. I take my eyebrow brush to smooth and blend.
  6. Using a white pencil  (this is optional, a highlighting shadow and/or concealer will work just as good if not better  once you put on your shadow) you can just draw a line underneath the lower defining line very close and using either your shadow brush or fingers blend in the line. PLEASE do not just have a white line underneath your eyebrow it's not a good look. 
The video below is a good way that can explain pretty much what I do, to fill in my eyebrows; with the exception that she uses a powder to fill in her eyebrows. Which works either way whether you use a pencil or a powder.

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