What's Hot and In for 2010

(Alexander Wang Side Braid)
I'm a fashion fiend as well as a beauty and hair fiend and I was doing a little web surfing and one of the things that I wanted to get info about was 2010 hair trends. I was visiting ELLE.COM and as some of you may or may not know, fashion is always going to preview itself one season ahead. Even though we are still in Fall/Winter 2009 Spring/Summer 2010 has already made its way to the runways. I found some really hawte chic looks that will not only make 2010 different from any other year but will also make it a year for pushing the limits.

The Side Braid
Spring 2010 Runway Hair styles ♥'z it


  This appears to be a Fish Tail Braid which is interesting and takes time and technique to achieve
Here are some other Funky Hawte Braided Hairstyles that I ran across

The Pig Tail

Which one do you like??

The Faux Bob
Now this look was on the runways for 2009 I guess it was liked by many that they just had to push it over into 2010

 This look can be achieved with hair pins and hairspray to give it a hold

  The High Bun

 I love this look considering the fact that I've worn my hair like this in years past. The pic on the right would make a hot wedding do'

The Flat Top

They have taken the high "Hump" which was made popular by Gwen Stefani and flattend it out for a more chic look

Remember this>>The hump and the pony tail<<< ♥'z it

Emo Color

I'm going to be perfectly honest and say that I didn't know what Emo color was or the meaning behind it until now. I've always noticed the looks below on other people and celebs but I just associated the hair cut with a rocker mullet shag. Giggles. EMO is a reprensentaion of Rock culture and music. It is a acronym for emotional. Emo means emotional and sensitive. The Emo Hair Cut Called Scene Hair cuts has been said to be a 2010 trend as well. Emo Color is what's hot and will be in for 2010. For us who wish not to die your hair you can buy colored hair pieces to fuse onto your hair or have added to your hair



The Scene Hair style- Short and Long (Shag meets the mullet)

The Bow

Hair Extensions: Excellent Quality Human Hair for Budgets (My TOP 5)

2009's Mane Attraction