Sleeping Beauty

We all love to get rest and sometimes when it comes to our hair we are so concerned about how we sleep. We often wonder what is my head going to look like in the morning when I get ready for work or for school. Well I have a few tips that you can use and keep in mind when it comes to prepping your hair for bed time and it should also help save some time with styling your hair in the morning. It will also help keep your hair shiny, healthy, and free from breakage and frizz.

  1. Vent Brushes/ Paddle Brushes- Detangles the hair and good for seperating the hair for pincurling, rollersetting, and wrapping the hair.
  2. Satin Scarf or Satin Bonnet- This helps lock in moisture and helps to guard against breakage. For those that are still using the bandanna cotton scarves, now is the time to discard that scarf and use it for something else other than wrapping around your head at night. It's 100% cotton and as we all know cotton absorbs mositure. Satin is softer and a lot more pretty to look at :)
  3. Hair Clips- You can use these along with bobby pins to help secure pin curls or to lay down any stray edeges after you dry wrap you hair before wrapping it with a scarf.
  4. Boar Bristle Brush-Great for short hair to help smooth away frizzies and even for long hair for the edges.
  5. Sponge Rollers- I know for years we've used sponge rollers and I'm pretty sure that you noticed when you unrolled your hair a little breakage especially if you didn't use a roller end paper. Well they have Satin Covered Rollers that are available and are even better for the hair. This will help aid against breakage as well as give pretty bouncy curls.
  6. Wide Tooth comb- This will help to distribute product from the root of your hair to the ends of your hair.

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