The Shaved Head Phenomenon

I wanted to talk about the trend that has hit Hollywood and has become very frequent and has now been taken to another level. I know everyone has been buzzing about Solange and her new hair cut. I personally don't think it's god awful but I love her with hair. Just my opinion but at the end of the day, whatever makes her feel happy is what matters the most. Not a lot of people can shave their heads and actually look like something and that's the truth. I think that Amber Rose however can rock a shaved head all day and look hawte!!! I love her style and her swag.
Solange with a Shaved Head

Solange with hair ♥ 
Amber Rose with her Shaved head ♥♥♥ Swag on a hundred thousand Trillion!!
Amber Rose with hair

Today if they aren't bold enough to shave it all off they are just shaving off half of the head. Again I feel if that's what they want to do then that's fine. Some rock it better than others, and in my opinion Cassie should have just left it alone. Rhianna, Keyshia Cole, and Mrs. La La have so far rocked it the best not completely shaving off the entire side of their head which looks a lot better than bare scalp. Just my opinion. I love Cassie but I think she looks better with all of her hair on her head. Or may a short funky chic hair cut.

Cassie with Hair and her newly shaved head
Cassie again rocking the designs!

Ms. La La ♥

♥♥♥  Rhianna ♥♥♥
She rocks this hard!
♥This is funky I love this one too!♥
Ms. Cole! Looking Fab! Love the color Cordinating stars!

I have to talk about this because I just have too, I love Kanye West Great artist and he has a unique way of expressing himself and I love that too. He's a little outspoken and that's okay no problem with that, but when I saw his haircut at the VMAs I got a little sea sick. Now when it comes to a nice hair cut on a man I love it, especially if it's freshly done and it's nice. Ever since I was a little girl I remember when guys would walk around with a design shaved into their hair cut and it was something different and it was something that was fashionable. I personally don't think it completely died out but it kind of faded out. Guys started to just do the side lines in the fade but that was pretty much it. Now my thought is when is it just too much? There's nothing wrong with being different but I don't want to look at your hair cut and get dizzy or sea sick. At the end of the day it's all about how you feel and how you flaunt it.
Kanye with the waves

Now I love this..It's not too much ♥
Gucci Mane with the geometric design

Chris Breezy lookin fresh even on a bad day ♥ u Chris Brown!

In the words of India Arie: "We are not our hair we are the soul that's within"  ♥♥♥♥♥


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