Long Layerd Hair for Fall 2009

It's getting cold outside and I know everyone is getting ready for fall. We are preparing out closets and amping up our shoe game with the boots and heels and I know since we all want to keep in style we have to keep our hair game as well. This summer the short chic bob was in and it was ideal because it was stylish and  it kept you cool in all the summer heat. Now that it's getting cold the look for the season is the long layered hair cut that has been worn forever by many different celebs.  I love the look and always have, you can wear it with full bangs, side bangs, or no bangs at all. You can do solid colored layers or switch it up by adding a little highlighted color. Whatever you want and what looks best on you is what matters the most. One thing to keep in mind during this cold weather is that the air is dry and I know some of us notice a lot more breakage during the cold months and that the hair seems to be a little drier than usual. Remember to condition and you may want to use a moisturizing shampoo to help retain moisture. Below is a slide show of some long layered hair cuts of my favorite Celebs!

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