Dr. I need a Miracle

We are all familiar with the Dr. Miracle's Commercials I'm sure. They are cute and funny. Even though I have purchased some of the line's products in the past...this blog is not about Dr. Miracle. I've had several close friends ask me questions about their hair and how they are just fed up and don't know what to do. They just want a Miracle. Your hair is your crown of glory and there are several things that you can do to make sure that crown sparkles and does not tarnish.

Problem #1My hair is extremely thin around the edges. A lot of people notice that there is one side of their head that seems to be the thinnest? Well there are several reasons for this. (1) The side of your hair that seems the thinnest, may be the side that you sleep on and are most comfortable when you sleep. (2) Its Hereditary (3) It may be a medical condition that needs to be treated with care from a doctor. Your hair grows its best through proper hair maintenance and scalp manipulations and one thing that will help with thinning hair as well as short hair is to use a moisturizer and a soft boar's bristle brush to manipulate the scalp for blood flow. Rubbing your scalp down with grease is not going to do anything but make you hair look terrible. NOT A GOOD LOOK. Vitamins will also do the trick as well. Thinning edges or short edges is can be an issue or a concern but is nothing to stress about because the perimeter of the head is usually the shortest and thinnest.
Problem #2 My hair is extremely oily two days after I wash my hair? Your hair is a result of your scalp. If you have oily hair you may also have an oily scalp which is the result of an overactive sebaceous gland and you can correct this problem by drinking plenty of water and just by changing what you eat on a regular basis. It is recommended to use a balancing shampoo which will wash away excess oiliness while preventing the hair from drying out. Another tip for those of us with oily scalps which produce oily hair, find a light moisturizer or even oil sheen and emulsify (thin it out) it in the palm of your hand or between your fingers and rub it throughout your hair, avoiding little contact with your scalp. I have somewhat of an oily scalp and I do this right after I blow dry my hair and maybe three days after the first initial shampoo just to avoid my hair from appearing to be dry. I know a lot of us avoid putting moisturizer on our hair to keep it from being oily but moisturizer is your friend and it's there for thirsty dry hair to keep it from shedding and breaking.
Problem #3 I have an issue with dry hair and dry scalp? The one major thing that will dry out your scalp is washing the hair in hot water, Hair is supposed to be washed in luke warm water to avoid having this issue. If you are having issues with this problem try using Hot Oil treatments to control the dry scalp. Also use a moisturizing or conditioning shampoo. Hot water is not the only thing that will dry the hair out. Color will dry your hair out and cause it to be brittle and eventually break. Permanent Colors contain Hydrogen Peroxide which causes the hair to lose luster and shine and the end result is breakage if you are not conditioning the hair like you should. Excessive heat on the hair will also dry the hair out. Avoid curling the hair and adding a lot of heat on the hair on an everyday basis.
Problem #4 I have really bad dandruff. This is usually caused from a fungus believe it or not called malassezia and when it’s out of control it will cause dandruff. Stress, age, hormones, and poor hygiene are factors that will make this problem worse. Regular use of a antidandruff shampoo and conditioners and topical lotions are best for dandruff. One product that I use and I love it is the Optimum dandruff solutions that I use and it works wonders. It comes with the shampoo, conditioner, and topical solutions that won’t dry the hair out as you use it. One thing that some salons offer is the skin and scalp antiseptic treatment which helps with out of control dandruff.

I hope this is of some assistance to all of you who have these issues and wanted to know what to do. Leave a comment and tell a friend! ~*♥Miss Nic♥*~

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