Color Me Bad Part 3: How to correct a Color

I know as I promised I would talk about how to correct a hair color mishap because mishaps do happen! It's always a good thing to keep in mind to remain calm and not to panic. Hair color mishaps happen often and the good news is that they can be corrected. Certain issues that may occur in a hair color mishap is that the hair color my turn the hair green and give it a green cast, the hair color may turn out to be to light, or it may even turn out to be too Dark. Here a few things that you can do to correct those color mishaps.

Hair with a Green Cast
If the hair has a green cast this usually happens from a build up of minerals from well water or the hair being exposed to a lot of chlorine. You should purify the hair with a product that is designed to remove mineral build up. Apply a no-lift deposit only (Semi permanent or demi permanent) color to neutralize any unwanted color that may remain on the hair.
Hair that is too Light
If your hair color comes out to be too light you may want to apply a no-lift deposit only color that is one to two levels darker than the previous color that was applied. This should help with this issue

Hair that is too Dark
If your hair color comes out to be to dark, you need to determine how much color you want to remove. You can use a hair color remover in cases where the hair may be too dark because of color build up. Apply the color remover to the areas that need to be lightened. Process the hair for 40 minutes. Hair color remover is designed to remove artificial pigment from the hair.

I hope this helps those who have this issue and wish to solve it! Leave a comment and tell a Friend! ~♥Miss Nic♥~

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