How to Maintain Youthful Skin

How to Maintain Youthful Skin

Have you ever wondered why some people show aging of the skin so much earlier than others? There are some factors beyond our control, such as heredity, but much can be done to maintain youthful skin.

You should become aware of factors involved in bringing about premature aging of the skin so you can take steps to delay this process. For example, aching feet make wrinkles.

Vitamins have a definite effect on your skin and complexion. B2 and B6 vitamins are beneficial to your nervous system, and thus are fundamental for well-being, for your nervous system affects every part of your body.

If you are lacking in the B vitamins, your breathing can be hampered, stress can be put on your heart, and your circulatory system can be affected. You may have poor elimination due to nerves and impaired efficiency.

All these things trigger changes in your skin. One of the first signs of irregularity is blemishes. Poor circulation gives you a dry skin.

Unfortunately, a deficiency of vitamins will often not show up for years. Just because you have no problem today, do not take this precious state for granted. It is a condition far easier to prevent than to cure.

To prevent premature wrinkles, your daily diet must contain sufficient amounts of tissue, and muscle-building proteins. Your complexion, as well as other parts of your body, can be kept youthful mostly by the protein foods which supply all the essential amino acids.

If you are getting inadequate supplies of protein, tissues begin to sag, causing wrinkles.

Complexion proteins are found in meats, cheese, milk, eggs, and legumes. Your diet must also be rich in vitamin C. Between the protein cells of the skin is a cementing substance, collagen, which needs a sufficient supply of vitamin C. Oranges, grapefruit, and tomatoes are all rich in vitamin C.

Vitamins help keep your skin lovely from the inside; external aids are the extra touch that help complete the job.

Your skin is like a valuable plant that must be watched over tenderly, constantly, and with enough knowhow to keep it in flourishing condition. This means that every day, without fail, you must take time to give it some care.

Of course, the basic beauty treatment for everyone is easy, bargain-priced, and vital. It is cleanliness. Oily skin welcomes the medicated approach and clean-ups two or three times a day.

Dry skin, particularly young dry skin, calls for gentler care than the oily kind in the form of lots of water, little soap, and moisture lotion under powder.

Thorough removal of makeup, surface dirt, and perspiration, come what may, is the way to help keep your skin blemish-free and conditioned.

At the moment, there's available a special liquid skin cleanser for daily complexion care; it takes the form of creamy emulsion and removes cosmetics and grime thoroughly in any kind of water and without scrubbing.

The better your complexion, the prettier your makeup will be. This is good news because the new natural no makeup look is the in trend of the moment.

In other words, the look to aim for right now in makeup is a light touch of "coverage," plus even color tone.

Color is glamor as well as news in this season's lip and eye shades.

Smooth pastel, deeper pinks, and coral shades with a shimmer finish are the lipstick pets right now. Very pale whitened and washout-pink lip shades are out.

Some older women will undoubtedly prefer the look of the pink verging on red lipsticks because of their sophisticated appeal. All are permissible and fashionable.

A pretty-girl mouth begins with the natural shape of the lips, but you can improve on nature by using a lipstick brush to draw a prettier shape.

Ideally, lips should be dry and free of cream before applying lipstick.

Now, the eyes. This season the trade is sponsoring the wide-eyed, innocent look. The trick here is to keep the eyes in focus without loading them with heavy liners, shadow, and circles of deep brown and black mascara.

Instead there are soft tones of lilac, blue, turquoise, and beige eyeshadow linked with slightly darker eyeliners from the same color groups.

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