7 Spa Level Facials Tips to Use at Home Before Bed

7 Spa Level Facials Tips to Use at Home Before Bed

Treating yourself to a spa visit can be great for your mental, emotional, and physical health. It is also wonderful for your skin. Of course, spa visits take time and can be costly as well. Some people choose to enjoy spa treatments at home instead.

When preparing for a spa facial at home, it is best to pamper yourself at night. A night time facial finished right before bed is best for your skin because you are headed to sleep. While you are sleeping, your skin has a chance to replenish itself and rest too. This is the optimal time for the skin to rejuvenate using the help of the facial you have just completed.

You can set up your own bed time facial at home. There are many natural methods that you can use to treat yourself to a spa level facial, too, so you won’t need any crazy products.

Just use these tips for a successful, rejuvenating nighttime facial at home:

Tip #1: Wash First

The first step in any facial is to wash the face. Your homemade spa facial should not be an exception. By washing your face, you prepare the skin for the rest of the facial process. You also protect your skin from having breakouts after the facial due to dirt irritating the skin throughout the process. Just use soap and lukewarm water. Do not use a cleanser for face at this time. Save that for your daily skin care routine instead.

Tip #2: Concentrate Steam on Your Face

Facials involve deep cleaning and soothing the skin. After you’ve washed to remove that first layer of dirt, it is time to open up the pores. The more open your pores, the deeper the clean will be. Steam opens pores naturally.

To steam the face the most effectively, put a towel over your head. Hold your head over a source of steam, like a very hot bowl of water. Drape the towel over the edge of the bowl as well as your head to concentrate the steam directly on your face. 


Tip #3: Use Natural Moisturizing Masks

Why buy products with all sorts of chemicals when you can just whip up your own moisturizing mask using ingredients found in your kitchen? The following list of ingredients can be used in the making of a facial mask:

•    Banana

•    Milk

•    Yogurt

•    Honey

•    Vinegar

•    Oatmeal

•    Mayonnaise

•    Baking soda

•    Lemon

•    Cucumber

Create specific recipes by combining ingredients to form pastes. Many ingredients simply need to be mixed together with another, more solid ingredients on the list are diluted with a small amounts of water. The paste should be allowed to dry on the face for 5-10 minutes before being wiped off.

Tip #4: Get an Acidic Fruit Involved in Your Facial Peel

Similar to exfoliation, facial peels reach deep into the skin and pull up impurities that remain stubbornly stuck in your skin. Instead of rubbing off whole layers of skin though, facial peels gently stick to impurities and tug them away from the skin. Since they might not tug the off completely, it is important to rinse your face again after using a facial peel.

To create your own facial peel, use a mixture of gelatin, honey, and a fruit juice. Other ingredients might include apple cider vinegar or aspirin. The acidity and nutrients in the juice will refresh the skin. At the same time, they will help to naturally loosen up the grime being pulled away.

Tip #5: Soothe and Moisturize a Second Time

All of this steaming, pulling, and otherwise harsh cleaning of your face can easily cause irritation to the skin. It also makes the skin work harder, which, in turn, can cause the skin to dehydrate. This can lead to the skin breaking out later or cracking. After you’ve completed the harsh parts of the facial to add more moisturizing ingredients. Soothe your skin with moisturizing agents.

Tip #6: Do Not Skip the Massage

Part of soothing your skin is relaxing your whole self. Stress, tension, and negative emotions can all have an impact on the skin. Sometimes, this contributes to wrinkling, breakouts, and more. So, before you head to bed, give yourself a facial massage. If a loved one is nearby they can help, that’s even better.

Start by washing your hands. Next, rest back on a pillow so that your neck can relax too. Starting under your chin, work your hands up and over your whole face and scalp. Move your fingers in small circles the whole time. You will feel relaxed in no time.

Tip #7: Sleep on a Clean Pillow Case

The last part of your facial should be applying a facial toner in skincare routine keeping. After the toner has been freshly applied, rest your head to a clean pillow (you don’t want to get dirt on your freshly cleaned skin) and go to sleep.




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